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You’ve already made an important financial decision to purchase a solar pv system. In all your research and planning did you ever think that a wild animal could bring your power production and investment to a halt?

Not only do squirrels, birds, and other animals pose the possibility of becoming a huge nuisance by nesting under your panels, they can end up costing you in lost power production and out of pocket expenses to fix the damage they’ve caused. Whether that be roof and shingle damage or in worse but very common cases, damaged wiring. If that’s not enough, exposed wiring and nesting material create a possible fire hazard.

The good news is you can be proactive, and avoid this potential nightmare, with an guaranteed effective critter guard!

Lifetime Guarantee

We back our craftsmanship with a lifetime guarantee against pests getting under your solar panels.

No Pest Too Far

We service the entire Northeastern United States and are centrally located in New Jersey.

Fast Response Time

We guarantee having you scheduled and service complete within two weeks, weather permitting.


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Squirrel Removal
Bird Removal
Raccoon & Possum Removal
Bees, Wasps & Hornet Removal

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Nest Debris Clean Out
Fall Debris Clean Out
Damaged Wiring & Roof Inspection

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PVC Coated Wire Mesh Pest Guards
Noninvasive Mounting Application
Lifetime Warranty on Installations & Craftsmanship


We are strategically located in New Jersey, which gives us the unique ability to service the entire East Coast of the United States. From Maine to Florida, no job is too far for us! Odds are we’ve probably already worked in your state before. Just use the contact link below and we would be happy to discuss your situation and provide a free estimate.

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Birds can cause damage to
solar panels in a few different ways

Nesting: Birds may build nests underneath or on top of solar panels. The nesting materials and debris can accumulate, potentially leading to issues such as panel overheating or reduced airflow. Additionally, nests can block sunlight from reaching the panels, reducing their overall efficiency.

Droppings: Birds frequently leave droppings on and around solar panels. These droppings can accumulate over time and create a layer of debris that affects the panel's performance. The droppings may also contain corrosive substances that can degrade the panel's surface or coating.

Scratching or Pecking: Some birds, particularly pigeons, and seagulls, may perch on solar panels and scratch or peck at their surfaces. This behavior can scratch or crack the protective glass or coating of the panels, potentially reducing their efficiency or causing damage to the wiring and cells.

Shadowing: Large birds or flocks of birds perching on solar panels can cast shadows over the panels, blocking sunlight and reducing the overall energy output of the system.


Squirrels can cause damage to solar
panels in a few different ways

Squirrels will chew the wires to the system, it will cost thousands of dollars to replace solar panels and repair damaged wiring, along with lost power production. This will set you back years the breakeven point for your investment.

Nests that sit on a roof for too long will become waterlogged, which will rot away at the shingles and subfloor causing water damage inside your home.

Fire hazards from exposed wiring and dry nesting material like sticks and twigs. Yes, we have seen houses catch fire from this!

Client Testimonials

Arpan Patel
Arpan Patel
Found the best price and Dan installed the very next day. No more issues with squirrels building a nest under the panel. He also fixed a broken/chewed wire. Tesla wanted to charge $2150 to come and fix this minor issue (doesn't include pest abadment). Definetly recommend to have Dan come out and install critter guards.
Thomas Kuchenreuther
Thomas Kuchenreuther
Dan was great with every aspect of the process. Helpful with the quote, giving lots of details and being flexible with payment. Great communication before the job and very clear and thorough while on the job. The guards came out great and he removed/cleared a squirrels nest, checked all wiring. Definitely recommend Solar Pest Solutions for securing your solar panels, clearing any nests/debris.
Andrew C
Andrew C
Dan was super professional and responsive. Got the work done right away. Now I have peace of mind with my solar panels.
Jimmy Qiu
Jimmy Qiu
Highly recommended. Dan is very responsive and does quality work with very competitive pricing. Definitely great investment if you have solar panels to prevent the animals costing thousand dollars of damage down the years.
Jeff Osowski
Jeff Osowski
Dan Leask did a great job on my solar panels. He evicted (humanely) a large nest of squirrels that had been chewing on the wiring. He then installed a PVC Coated Wire Mesh Pest Guard. He responded quickly and did a great job. He is very knowledgeable, skilled, careful and safe. I recommend him very highly. Dan did another job at my house. The panels had to be removed by a solar company to do repairs. Dan reinstalled the squirrel guards. He responded quickly, scheduled work asap, did a fine job. He is excellent at what he does. And he is a really nice guy. If you have pests, you should call him. He is the best.
Nikki Taylo
Nikki Taylo
Working with Solar Pest Control was such a pleasant experience! They were so timely and we were able to make an appointment within a few days. We continued to have some problems with our ants so they came back within less than 24 hours of me reaching out free of charge! They really are a great company & I highly recommend!
AJ Sal
AJ Sal
Highly recommended! Dan the owner is great! Very professional , great communication and prompt!
ed kadyszewski
ed kadyszewski
Dan was ontime, explained the process and walked me through the finished installation (from the ground). Satisfied customer
Barry Feit
Barry Feit
Just had squirrel guards put on by solar pest solutions. Great price and quality work. Dan and his assistant were great to work with and informative. Highly recommend



We service the entire Northeastern United States and are centrally located in New Jersey.

Contact us and we would be happy to discuss your situation and provide a free estimate.

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